Haunted Swamp

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Haunted Swamp

New this Year, Zombie Paintball Frenzy wagon ride. Zombie Farm is also included in this attraction.

Become one of the Zombie Units on one of the Zombie Combat Wagons equipped with 20 paintball guns. Wagon takes you to the Zombie Zone to shoot both live Zombies and undead stationary targets (dead farmhands transforming into Zombies) with glowing paintballs. After the shooting frenzy, you leave the paintball behind and are dropped off at Zombie Farm to navigate your way back to safety of the barn in the dark cornfield infested with Zombies. Stealth mode is key to survival.

This will be a timed ticketing attraction. We recommend you get tickets online! Ticketing will be live Sept. 1st.

They tell us there's nothing living in the corn fields north of Snohomish... but we've heard the screams....

Come explore the cornfields at Carleton Farm for yourself. They are alive with creatures and effects to chill and thrill you and your friends.

The Haunted Swamp at Carleton Farm is about 10 minutes north of Snohomish. We're off in a little river valley between Everett and Lake Stevens.

Bring your friends - you'll need them.

Student Night Oct T.B.A.

High School, Middle School and College Students get $10.00 off the Triple Fright Combo ticket. Student must present photo ID.

Students please enter the promo code to receive the discount.

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Not recommended for children under 12. We have a daytime corn maze too!